Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thank You for Your Continued Support

I am stunned -- but gratified -- by the success this blog is enjoying.    We seem to have gained more viewers in the last week or so since "page views" are starting to go over 100 a day in a regular way.
I'm SO glad that other people are finding this information -- and the photos -- useful.  I've still only heard from 3 or 4 viewers.  Don't hesitate to post comments -- or contact me at -- just to let me know who you are and what you do with this information on aquatic macroinvertebrates.

One note on Perlodid stoneflies, genus Isoperla.  I've now heard from Steven Beaty at the Division of Water Quality in North Carolina.  The following Isoperla nymphs, found at two small streams that flow into the Moormans River near White Hall, VA, are apparently unidentified in terms of species.   Makes me want to explore even more of our Blue Ridge Mountain streams.

These were nymphs 5 and 6 in my posting of 5/21/11.


Again, many thanks.

Bob Henricks

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