Saturday, September 3, 2011

Break Time: No Water, No Interesting Insects

This photo was taken last year on 9/22.  Things aren't quite this bad at the moment -- but I could not find running water in the Lynch River this morning.  And, where I can find running water -- e.g. Buck Mt. Creek -- there really aren't any interesting things going on in the world of bugs, nothing new to see.

So -- I'll be taking a break from the streams, but I'll be rifling through riffles again at the end of September and into October.  There are still a number of insects I'm hoping to find and photograph before the end of the year, insects that we typically see in the fall.  My list: 1) small square-gill mayflies (Caenidae), 2) rolled-winged stoneflies (Leuctridae), small minnow mayflies -- Acentrella turbida, and 4) strong case-maker caddisfly larvae.  Anything else that I find will be a bonus.  I'm also anxious to see if we have any other species of small minnow mayflies that inhabit our streams in the fall.

But for now I'll be waiting for rain, and waiting for the seasons to change.

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