Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Taxa List for Buck Mt. Creek

Another gray day after 2-3 more inches of rain.  Still, I thought I'd see what I could find at Buck Mt. Creek.  What I found was high water and, consequently, not a whole lot of insects.  Perlesta common stoneflies in collections of leaves and twigs including the one at the top of the page and the one in the photo below.

Oh yes, some flatheaded mayflies (Maccaffertium modestum), a couple of spiny crawlers (Eurylophella verisimilis), and one "baby giant," a small, immature Giant stonefly.   When they're this small, there's no way to do species ID.

While we wait for the water to drop, I thought I'd post a list I've assembled of the taxa I've found in Buck Mt. Creek.  I've mentioned before that I think this is one of the richest streams I explore -- in terms of the variety of insects calling it home.  Local readers should find this of interest.

                           EPT Species Found at Buck Mt. Creek 
                                    (as of June, 2013)

I. Ephemeroptera (Mayflies)

1. Baetidae (Small minnow mayflies)

1. Acentrella nadineae
2. Acentrella turbida
3. Baetis flavistriga
4. Baetis intercalaris
5. Baetis pluto
6. Heterocloeon amplum
7. Plauditus dubius

2. Isonychiidae (Brushlegged mayflies)

1. Isonychia

3. Heptageniidae (Flatheaded mayflies)

1. Epeorus pleuralis
2. Epeorus vitreus
3. Heptagenia marginalis
4. Leucrocuta hebe
5. Leucrocuta aphrodite
6. Maccaffertium ithaca
7. Maccaffertium pudicum
8. Maccaffertium modestum
9. Rhithrogena

4.  Ephemerellidae (Spiny crawler mayflies)

1. Drunella tuberculata
2. Drunella walkeri
3. Drunella cornutella
4. Ephemerella dorothea
5. Ephemerella invaria
6. Eurylophella verisimilis
7. Serratella serratoides

5. Caenidae (Small square-gill mayflies)

1. Caenis

 II. Plecoptera (Stoneflies)

1. Capniidae (Small winter stoneflies)
1. Allocapnia

2. Leuctridae (Needleflies)
1. Leuctra

3. Nemouridae (Forestflies)
1. Amphinemura delosa
2. Prostoia completa

4. Taeniopterygidae (Large winter stoneflies)
1. Strophopteryx fasciata
3. Taeniopteryx burksi/maura

5.  Chloroperlidae (Green stoneflies)
1. Alloperla

7. Perlidae (Common stoneflies)

1. Acroneuria abnormis
2. Acroneuria lycorias
3. Agnetina annulipes
4. Paragnetina fumosa
5. Perlesta

8. Perlodidae (Springflies and Stripetails)

1. Clioperla clio
2. Diploperla duplicata
3. Helopicus subvarians
4. Isoperla dicala
5. Isoperla holochlora
6. Isoperla montana
7. Isoperla orata (variant form)
8. Isoperla davisi
9. Remenus bilobatus

9. Pteronarcyidae  (Giant Stoneflies)

1. Pteronarcys dorsata
2. Pteronarcys biloba

  III. Trichoptera (Caddisflies)

 1. Glossosomatidae (Saddle-case makers)

1. Glossosoma nigrior

2. Philopotamidae (Fingernet caddisflies)

1. Chimarra

3. Polycentropodidae

1. Polycentropus

4. Hydropsychdae (Common Netspinners)

1. Cheumatopsyche
2. Hydropsyche rossi
3. Hydropsyche venularis
4. Macrostemum carolina

5. Brachycentridae (Humpless case-makers)

1. Brachycentrus appalachia

 6. Uenoidae

1. Neophylax oligius
2. Neophylax concinnus
3. Neophylax fuscus

7. Leptoceridae (Long-horned case-makers)

1. Ceraclea maculata

 IV.  Odonata, Coleoptera, Diptera -- Dragons and Damsels, Beetles, True Flies (not identified to the level of species)

1. Narrow-winged damselflies (Coenagrionidae)
2. Broad-winged damselflies (Calopterygidae)
3. Darner dragonflies (Aeshnidae)
4. Clubtail dragonflies (Gomphidae)

1. Riffle Beetles (Elmidae)
2. Long-toed Beetles (Dryopidae)
3. Whirligig Beetles (Gyrinidae)
4. Water scavenger Beetles (Hydrophilidae)

1. Crane flies (Tipulidae)
2. Net-winged midges (Blephariceridae)
3. Black Flies (Simuliidae)
4. Non-biting Midges (Chironimidae)
5. Biting Midges (Ceratopogonidae)
6. Dance Flies (Empididae)

V. Other

1. Hellgrammites (Corydalidae, Corydalus)
2. Crayfish (Decapoda)
3. Leeches (Hirudinea)
4. Pleurocerid snails (Pleuroceridae)
5. Aquatic earthworms (Oligochaeta)


And it looked just like this this morning.  Well, a little bit higher.

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