Tuesday, July 16, 2013

EPT List: the small mountain streams in Sugar Hollow

The small streams that empty into the Moormans in Sugar Hollow are all first order/headwater streams, and many of the insects that we find there are only found in such streams.  I've highlighted in Bold no less than 27 EPT species that I've seen in these streams and nowhere else.   I have no doubt whatsoever that we will find additional unique taxa in these clean, crystal clear waters that cascade down the mountains into this valley.   I fault myself for not moving out to explore even more streams in the Blue Ridge.

These streams are especially rich in caddisfly larvae, freeliving caddisfly larvae (Rhyacophilids) and the Uenoids -- the "little northern casemakers."   We've identified 4 of the Rhyacophilids so far, but we've found at least 2 other species on which more work needs to be done.  You may recall that the Appalachian mountains are the best place in the world to look for Rhyacophilids.

Also worth noting, I've only found 2 small minnow mayfies in these waters so far, most common, the very intolerant (1.5) Baetis tricaudatus.  This is a "mountains only" small minnow mayfly which I've also found at the Rapidan River and South River up in Greene county.

            EPT Species List: headwater streams in Sugar Hollow
 I. Ephemeroptera (Mayflies)

1. Ameletidae

1. Ameletus lineatus
2. Ameletus cryptostimulus

2. Baetidae (Small minnow mayflies)

1. Baetis tricaudatus
2. Heterocloeon amplum

3. Heptageniidae (Flatheaded mayflies)

1. Cinygmula subaequalis
2. Epeorus pleuralis
3. Epeorus vitreus
4. Leucrocuta juno
5. Leucrocuta sp. (aphrodite?)
6. Maccaffertium meririvulanum
7. Maccaffertium pudicum
8. Stenacron sp.

4.  Ephemerellidae (Spiny crawler mayflies)

1. Ephemerella dorothea
2. Ephemerella invaria
3. Eurylophella verisimilis
4. Eurylophella funeralis

5. Leptophlebiidae (Pronggilled mayflies)

1. Paraleptophlebia

6. Ephemeridae (Common burrower mayflies)

1. Ephemera guttalata

II. Plecoptera (Stoneflies)

1. Capniidae (Small winter stoneflies)

1. Allocapnia
2. Paracapnia angulata

2. Leuctridae (Needleflies)

1. Leuctra

3. Nemouridae (Forestflies)

1. Amphinemura
2. Soyedina

4. Taeniopterygidae (Large winter stoneflies)

1. Taenionema atlanticum
2. Taeniopteryx burksi/maura

5.  Chloroperlidae (Green stoneflies)

1. Alloperla
2. Haploperla brevis
3. Sweltsa

6. Peltoperlidae (Roach-like stoneflies)

1. Peltoperla
2. Tallaperla
3. Viehoperla

7. Perlidae (Common stoneflies)

1. Acroneuria abnormis
4. Eccoptura xanthenses

8. Perlodidae (Springflies and Stripetails)

1. Diploperla duplicata
2. Isoperla holochlora
3. Isoperla montana
4. Isoperla similis
5. Isoperla sp.1
6. Isoperla sp.2
7. Malirekus hastatus
8. Remenus bilobatus

9. Pteronarcys (Giant stoneflies)

1. Pteronarcys proteus (also found at upper Doyles and Entry Run)

III. Trichoptera (Caddisflies)

1. Rhyacophilidae (Free-living caddisflies)

1. Rhyacophila carolina
2. Rhyacophila fuscula
3. Rhyacophila nigrita
4. Rhyacophila glaberrima
5. Rhyacophila sp.

2. Glossosomatidae (Saddle-case makers)

1. Glossosoma nigrior

3. Philopotamidae (Fingernet caddisflies)

1. Dolophilodes distincta
2. Wormaldia

4. Polycentropodidae

1. Polycentropus

5. Hydropsychidae (Common Netspinners)

1. Ceratopsyche alhedra
2. Diplectrona modesta
3. Diplectrona metaqui

6. Lepidostomatidae

1. Lepidostoma

7. Limnephilidae (Northern case-makers)

1. Pycnopsyche gentilis

8. Goeridae

1. Goera fuscula
2. Goera calcarata

 9. Uenoidae

2. Neophylax consimillis
3. Neophylax aniqua
4. Neophylax mitchelli
6. Neophylax toshioi (possible ID)

10. Odontoceridae (Strong case-makers)

1. Psilotreta rufa

Photos of some of the taxa that we've only seen in these small mountain streams.

1. Common burrower mayfly, Ephemera guttalata 

2. Flatheaded mayfly, Maccaffertium merririvulanum

3. Perlodid stonefly, Isoperla similis

4. Perlodid stonefly, Isoperla sp.1 (species not yet identified).

5. Perlodid stonefly, Isoperla sp.2 (species not yet identified)

6. Small winter stonefly, Paracapnia angulata

7. Freeliving caddisfly larva, Rhyacophila nigrita

8. Common netspinner larva, Diplectrona modesta

9. Northern casemaker, Pycnopsyche gentilis

10. Uenoid casemaker, Neophylax aniqua


Below: two of the streams that I visit in Sugar Hollow.

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