Sunday, August 25, 2013

First pictures from Montana, 2013: Grant Creek

One of the virtues of staying where we do in Missoula is that Grant Creek runs through our backyard.  So, I get to photograph insects before I head out to the streams to catch those big, beautiful trout.

I'm at a disadvantage -- I have to work on a Windows machine: sure miss my iMac that's sitting at home.  That means I don't have the editing software that I normally use, so these photos will look a bit rough.  Still, I'd better make a start on these photos and clean them up when I get home.

Some of the insects I found I've identified before -- others require microscope work when I get home.  That being said let me show you some of the beautiful insects that live in this tiny creek.

1. Above, a small minnow mayfly, and I'm pretty sure it's one that we see in VA as well, Baetis tricaudatus.

2. The spiny crawler mayfly that I always see at this time of year in Montana, Drunella coloradensis.  Comes in lots of different colors.

3. A freeliving caddisfly larva!  First one I've ever seen out here.  Genus Rhyacophila (there's only one genus): species, unknown.  This appears to be R. Grandis Gr.   See, "Distinguished by two clusters of gills on each side of most abdominal segments. Front 2/3 of the head usually dark and the posterior mostly light in color. Pronotum is usually light with a dark stripe down the middle."

4.  Common netspinner, Arctopsyche grandis.  Identified this one last year.  Neat pix!

5. A Glossosomatid (Saddle-case maker) -- genus and species unknown.  Have to work on this one.

6. Flatheaded mayfly, Epeorus for sure, and probably E. deceptivus.  More work when I get home.  Lots of these nymphs on the rocks.

7.  A Green stonefly (Chloroperlid).  Looks like genus Sweltsa -- species unknown.

8.  And, this tiny, tiny stonefly -- I'm amazed that this photo turned out! -- ID will have to wait.


Stay tuned!


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