Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Best of Montana, 2013

Time to get back to my streams in Virginia -- which I'll be doing on Thursday -- but one last look at my favorite photos from my trip to Montana last week.

1. In the photo above, a Trico nymph (family, Leptohyphidae; genus Tricorythodes).  I find them in the Rivanna all summer, but I never seem to find one that's "clean"!  This was a beauty, and the large oval/triangular operculate gills couldn't be clearer.

2. The spiny crawler mayfly Drunella coloradensis: they're so photogenic with those different colors and patterns.  (For the keys to species ID, by the way, look back to the posting of 8/31/12.  This includes the distinction between D. coloradensis and D. flavilinea: they're closely related.)

3. Flatheaded mayfly, Epeorus deceptivus.

4. A lovely small minnow mayfly, Baetis tricaudatus Montana style.

5. Perlodid stonefly, genus Skwala.  Finally found one.

6. Our free-living caddisfly larva, part of the R. brunnea/vemna group.

7. And a handsome common netspinner caddisfly larva, Arctopsyche grandis.


I may make two trips to Montana next year, one in the spring where I'll do nothing but look for cool insects.  (The Bitterroot range of the Rockies seen from the Bitterroot River.)

(And the "Box Canyon" in the Blackfoot.)

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