Saturday, July 26, 2014

Final Entry

This is the last entry I'm going to post.

It's been a long time since I've found anything new, a new genus or species of mayfly, stonefly, or caddisfly.  So I'm just taking photos -- and posting photos -- of insects I've seen so often before, insects that have been ID'd in this blog multiple times.  It's time to move on and find something new -- a new challenge, a new passion.  But this has been great fun and very rewarding.

A few reminders to end with.

1. The entire list of the mayflies (E), stoneflies (P), and caddisflies (T) that I've found in local streams was posted on 9/8/12.  I have done my best to make additions and corrections to that, so it should be up-to-date.

2. Photos of every species  -- or genus, if we can't ID the insect to the level of species -- can be found in entries posted from 9/25/12 to 10/8/12.  There too, I have made additions and corrections that had to be made.

3. For all of the photos I've taken -- well, the good ones -- you should visit my website at Flickr -- -- and open the album "live photos only."

4. For those of you in the Southeast who wish to continue this work, don't forget the incredible documents compiled by Steven Beaty and the North Carolina BAU (Biological Assessment Unit).  They are available on line at:  You can use them on line, or download them and print them.

Best wishes to all of my readers.

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  1. Hi Bob,
    I am sorry to hear that this is your last entry. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Your informative posts and lovely photos will be missed. However, Albert Einstein once said: “The process of scientific discovery is, in effect, a continual flight from wonder.” Best wishes and have fun exploring your new adventure/passion/challenge.