Thursday, September 25, 2014

Framing some photos: what to use?

I have a wall in my lab that's in need of a picture.  So I thought -- "Why don't I pick out four of my favorite photos from those that I've taken over the years and frame them?"  Seems fitting.

These were my choices.

1. In the photo at the top of the page -- the Perlodid stonefly, Isogenoides hansoni.  Love the colors, love the composition.

2. A second Perlodid stone -- Helopicus subvarians.

3. Two case-makers lying side-by-side: the humpless case-maker, Brachycentrus appalachia, and a small, little mountain case-maker, Apatania incerta.

4. And the weighted case-maker that I just found on Sunday, Goera fuscula.  Such an unusual case.

Should make a nice picture -- but I had to leave so many things out!  For example...

I. Stoneflies

1. Giant stonefly, Pteronarcys biloba.  Great colors, and this one is almost fully mature.

2. Another Perlodid stonefly, Malirekus hastatus.  They're killers -- but they sure are pretty.

3. And a third Perlodid, Isoperla orata.  This one is rare -- Rapidan River, of course.

4. A common stonefly (Perlid), Acroneuria abnormis, the "brown" kind.

5. Small winter stonefly, Allocapnia pygmaea

6. And one of the smallest stoneflies we see, a Leuctrid (needle fly), genus Leuctra.


II. Mayflies

1. A rare one, the spiny crawler mayfly that I find at the Rapidan River, Ephemerella subvaria.

2. And a real beauty, the small minnow mayfly, Acentrella nadineae.

3. Another small minnow mayfly, Baetis tricaudatus.

4. And another small minnow mayfly, Heterocloeon amplum.


III. Caddisflies

1.  The free-living caddisfly larva, Rhyacophila nigrita.

2. And another case-maker, a Lepidostomatid, genus Lepidostoma.  What an awesome case.

Hmm...maybe I need to make it a poster.  With all of this beauty out there, be careful where you walk when you step into a stream!

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