Saturday, October 18, 2014

Finally rain! Which of course produces bad photos

We have water again in our streams.  Unfortunately, the rain was so heavy -- at our house, I measured 3.5" -- that it muddied up a lot of the water.  And, that can lead to photos like the one at the top of the page.  (Lots of silt on the head and pronotum: on the case as well.)

Back to Sugar Hollow this morning to a small stream just to the west of the stream that I went to last week (10/9), not at all far away.  And last week, you'll recall, I found these beautiful, "clean," Goeras (weighted-case makers).

The heads and pronota are easy to see.  Not so when the larva is covered with silt.

Ah least I'm pretty sure now that Goeras inhabit most -- if not all -- of these small streams I explore.

Species?  Again G. calcarata.  No sign of sternal plates (see the post of the 10th); and three pairs of sclerites on the metanotum.


I didn't see  many insects today -- other than two Goeras.  There was a fair number of common stoneflies in the leafpacks (leaves are building up and decomposing) -- Acroneuria abnormis and Eccoptura xanthenses.  I was hoping to see the first Perlodid stones of the season: maybe next time.

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