Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snowed in and frozen out -- and we're missing so many nice things

Twenty inches of snow in one week, with morning temps in the single digits and teens: February in a nutshell, this February at least.  So with the sun out this morning and more snow and cold on the way, can you blame me for trying to get out to a stream?  Alas, you can see what I found when I got to Buck Mt. Creek: I needed my ice skates instead of my boots!

The problem is we're missing a lot of beautiful insects that are close to, or already fully, mature.  E.g. just look what I've seen in previous years at this time.  A sampler.

1. Giant stoneflies

Pteronarcys biloba (Rapidan River): 2/17/12

Pteronarcys proteus (Sugar Hollow): 2/13/12

2. Perlodid stoneflies

Helopicus subvarians (Buck Mt. Creek): 2/6/12

Clioperla clio (Buck Mt. Creek): 2/17/12

Malirekus hastatus (Sugar Hollow): 2/13/12

Isoperla similis (Rapdian River): 2/24/14

3. Nemourid stoneflies

Prostoia completa (Buck Mt. Creek): 3/1/11

4. Large winter stoneflies

Taenionema atlanticum (Sugar Hollow): 2/2/12

Strophopteryx fasciata (Buck Mt. Creek): 2/6/12

4. Small winter stonefly

Paracapnia angulata (Sugar Hollow): 1/30/12

5. Small minnow mayflies

Heterocloen amplum (Doyles River): 2/6/12

Heterocloen amplum (Doyles River): 2/17/13

and Baetis tricaudatus (Rapidan River): 1/18/12

Baetis tricaudatus (Rapidan River): 2/24/12


What a pity.  Let's hope for warm weather and sunshine in March -- which starts on Sunday!  Until then, the "treasure hunt" is on hold.

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