Sunday, April 3, 2016

A Montana Sampler: Lots of New Insects to ID

It was a very nice trip.  The fishing was great, the scenery was -- well, have a look at that photo! -- and I found a lot of new insects, all of which I have to ID.  That will take me awhile, so this is a "taste" of what's to come.

1. My favorite -- a new species of Isogenoides (Perlodid stonefly).

A real beauty.

2. A second Perlodid stonefly, a Skwala.  We saw the nymphs and the adults.   The rivers around Missoula are famous for the Skwala hatch at this time of year.  I was there to fish the "Skwala hatch".

3.  Another Perlodid, an Isoperla this time.  The "Yellow Sally" hatch can't be far away.

4. And a final Perlodid stonefly, a very young Kogotus.

5. Mayfly number 1 -- a Western Ameletus.  I'll ID this one in my next entry: it's A. oregonensis.

6. A new Cinygmula flathead.

7. A second Heptageniidae, this one a Rhithrogena.

8.  And one little caddisfly larva, one that we've seen before (see 5/1/14), Dicosmoecus gilvipes, the "October Caddis".

Fun, fun, fun.  Sure love finding new things.

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