Monday, May 16, 2016

Just back from Entry Run: no surprises but some good photos

So disappointed.  I was up pretty high on Entry Run -- 1600 ft. -- but nothing different than the insects I find down lower.  Only Isoperla I found: Isoperla holochlora.  Need to get up even higher.
But, at least the sun is back out!

Baetis tricaudatus, the small minnow mayfly we find in these high quality, small mountain streams.  As you can see, this one was ready to hatch.  Put it back in the water.


And the common netspinner we find in these streams: Diplectrona modesta.  This one's much more intolerant (TV 2.3) than the Hydropsychids we find in larger streams.  I keep thinking I'll run into Diplectrona metaqui, though it is listed as "rare".  (Beaty, "The Trichoptera of North Carolina," p. 74)
D. metaqui has an asymmetrical notch on the anterior margin of the head: on D. modesta, the margin is "entire" (= straight across).  Like this.


Found two Haploperla nymphs.  One was quite immature.


And there were a lot of Acroneuria abnormis common stones.  This was the biggest.

But it sure was a beautiful stream.  Boulder-strewn.

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