Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Something old something new in Sugar Hollow this morning

In the last month as we've searched our streams for Isoperla sp. VA (still no luck), we've been finding a fair number of Pronggilled mayflies, genus Paraleptophlebia  -- and, they all appear to be different.  We think we're seeing 4, maybe 5, different species, and while it may be difficult to identify the species, we can make some observations.  I intend to work this up into an entry either tomorrow or Thursday.

This was a "new" one today.  It's long and thin, much like P. guttata, but neither the head pattern nor the abdominal pattern looks the same.  Here's what we're pretty sure is guttata.

More on this in a forthcoming entry.


The old -- well "old" in more ways than one -- another fully mature Leuctrid (Rolled-winged stonefly), genus Leuctra.

So small -- 7 mm -- but so pretty.

I actually had two in my bowl, intending to take pictures of both.  But when I stopped to set up for my photos, I had one nymph and one shuck!  The little bugger had hatched.  Regret not keeping the shuck for a picture.

One more "old" nymph, both because we've seen it a lot and because it's almost ready to hatch, the flatheaded mayfly, Maccaffertium merririvulanum.


Back soon on the various Pronggiled mayflies we've found.

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