Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A change in the pronggilled mayfly genera: new genus, Neoleptophlebia

I just learned of this change Sunday night.  Pronggilled mayflies with tracheal branching on the gills have been put into a new genus -- Neoleptophlebia -- moved from Paraleptophlebia.  Of the pronggilled nymphs that I've found, that means assimilis -- pictured above -- is now Neoleptophlebia assimilis.

Also now considered Neoleptophlebia, and additional species that we might very well find, are adoptiva, mollis, and swannanoa.

Unaffected by this are the other species I've found, those without tracheal branching, guttata, strigula, and what I think is jeanae.  They remain genus Paraleptophlebia.    These.

P. guttata

P. strigula

P. sp. (jeanae?)

The complete list of North American Ephemeroptera (mayflies) can be found at:

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