Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Some photos from my files

I've started posting pics on Instagram ("buddhabob2hanlubo"), so I've been looking through my files to find things that are post-worthy.  To my surprise, I've found a lot of nice pics that I'm not sure I've ever used in this blog.  So, here's a look at some of my favorites.

1) Above, a pair of small winter stoneflies -- Allocapnia pygmaea -- female on the right, male on the left.

2) A second small winter stonefly, female, one that was close to hatching.

3) Some small minnow mayflies.  This one is Baetis pluto.

4) Small minnow mayfly, Baetis tricaudatus.

5) Small minnow mayfly, Acentrella turbida.

6) And small minnow mayfly, Heterocloeon curiosum.


7) Spiny crawler mayfly, Ephemerella dorothea.

8) Spiny crawler mayfly, Ephemerella dorothea.

9) Spiny crawler mayfly, Ephemerella subvaria.


10) And some caddisfly larvae.  Here, some common netspinners, Diplectrona modesta.

11) Lepidostomatidae, genus Lepidostoma.

12) Weighted casemaker, Goera fuscula.


Fun.  Something to do while we wait for warmer temps -- and it would be nice if those temps come with some rain! 

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