Sunday, January 8, 2012

On Second Thought.....Plans for Future Blog Entries

Since I don't see myself giving up my trips to the streams anytime soon, I'll probably continue to put out blog entries.  But there will be some changes.  At the moment, my plans are:

1) To compile an Index for the entries posted last year.  Thus, anyone who wants to go back and look at key entries on, say, Perlodid Stoneflies (in general), or on specific Perlodid stoneflies -- like Clioperla clio -- will know where to look.  Included will be entries that spell out how to ID genera and species and entries with important/good photos of the taxon in question.  I'll also index those entries that focus on "issues" rather than taxa -- e.g. "Functional Feeding Groups and the River Continuum" (2/28/11).

2) To post fewer entries: one a week, maybe two.

and 3) to focus my trips on looking for particular taxa.  Thus, at the moment I'm keen on trying to find Nemourid stoneflies, genus Nemoura (as in the photo above from last year), and the Perlodid stonefly genus Yugus, and I want to track the development of the small minnow mayfly that seems to inhabit a lot of our streams in the winter --  what I think is Heterocloeon amplum.   Anyone wishing to know how these taxa were ID'd last year, and what was said about them, will be able to find that information by using the Index.  I'll also post what I consider to be exceptional photos -- but I don't plan to account for everything I find on my trips to the streams.

Hope you continue to follow along.


Bob Henricks

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