Tuesday, October 2, 2012

EPT Species List for Central Virginia: Photos of Common Stoneflies

(In the photo above -- the common stonefly (Perlid) Claasenia sabulosa found last year in Rock Creek near Missoula, Montana.  This is a species that does not occur in the East.)

Photos I've taken of the stonefly species we find in our streams will be presented in three entries: 1) Common Stoneflies (Perlidae); 2) Perlodid stoneflies (Perlodidae); and 3) all other stoneflies.

II. Plecoptera (Stoneflies)

Perlidae (Common Stoneflies)

1. Acroneuria abnormis.  Size: male nymphs 15-20 mm, female nymphs 25-30 mm.  Season: All Year, Mature in Late Spring and Early Summer.


2. Acroneuria arenosa (possibly A. evoluta)

3. Acroneuria carolinensis.  Size: male nymphs 17-19 mm, female nymphs 21-23 mm; Season: All Year, Mature in Late Spring, Early Summer.

4. Acroneuria sp. (possibly internata, possibly abnormis)

5. Acroneuria lycorias

6. Agnetina annulipes.  Size: not given by Beaty, young one below is 10 mm; Season: Immature in Late Summer, Mature in Late Spring.



7. Agnetina flavescens. Size: not given by Beaty: Spring and Summer.

8. Agnetina capitata

9. Eccoptura xanthenses.  Size: 15-22 mm; Season: All Year, Mature in Late Spring, Early Summer.



10. Neoperla.  Size: 7-12 mm; Season: Immature in Spring, Mature in Summer (Univoltine).

11. Paragnetina immarginata.  Size: not given by Beaty (but big); Season:  Immature in Late Summer, Mature in Late Spring and Early Summer.

also mature:

12. Paragnetina fumosa.  Size 10 mm; Season: Spring through Early Winter.

13. Perlesta.  Size: 8-12 mm; Season: Immature in Early Spring, Mature in Early Summer.

nearly mature:

14. The common stone in the photo below is a Paragnetina media.  This species does occur in our area, but to date, I haven't found one: thus, it is not yet in my "list".  I found this one in June in Roaring Creek in Central PA.

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