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EPT Species List for Central Virginia: Photos of Case-makers

In the photo above -- a Northern case-maker caddisfly larva, Pycnopsyche gentilis.  On its case, an Ameletid mayfly nymph and a Lepidostomatid case-maker.  Photo taken on February 29th.

1. Photos of the so-called Saddle case-makers and the Purse-makers (Micro caddisflies) were posted on 10/6.  Neither is, strictly speaking, a "case-maker."  Neither makes a single portable case in which it lives throughout its entire series of instars.
2. In this entry, "size" refers to the length of the larva, not the case.  The case can be two to three times as long as the larva.

III. Trichoptera: Integripalpia (the case-makers)

Phryganeidae (Giant case-makers)

1. Phryganea sayi?  Size: up to 40 mm; Season: Spring.

I saw one of these three years ago, but at the time I was not taking photos of insects.

Brachycentridae (Humpless case-makers)

1. Adicrophleps hitchcocki.  Imperiled in the state of Virginia.

2. Brachycentrus appalachia.  Size: up to 12 mm; Season: Spring, Summer, Fall.

3. Micrasema charonis.  Size: up to 8 mm; Season: Spring and Summer.

4. Micrasema wataga.  Note: This photo was taken by a close friend and is used with permission.

5. Micrasema bennetti.  (Microscope photo only)

6. Micrasema scotti.  (Species ID uncertain.  Microscope photo only.)


1. Lepidostoma.  Size: up to 12.5 mm; Season: Winter into Spring.

2. Theliopsyche (in case vacated by Pycnopsyche gentilis)

Limnephilidae (Northern case-makers)

1. Ironoquia.  Size: not given by Beaty; Season: Winter and Spring.

I only have a microscope photo of a preserved specimen.

2. Pycnopsyche gentilis.  Size: 20-22 mm; Season: Spring.  Initial cases are typically three-sided and made out of leaves: final cases are made out of pebbles and sand.  This series of photos tracks that sequence.

3. Pycnopsyche scabripennis.  Size: 20-25 mm: Season: Spring.  Cases vary, but they're made out of scraps of twigs and leaves and bark.

4. Pseudostenophalyx sparsus


1. Apatania incerta.  Size: 6-9 mm; Season: Fall and Winter.


1. Goera fuscula.  Size -- 9-11 mm; Season: Fall into Winter.

2. Goera calcarata.  Size -- 8-9 mm; Season: Fall into Winter.


1. Neophylax oligius.  Genus -- size: up to 15 mm; Season: Winter into Spring.

2. Neophylax consimilis.  Genus -- size: up to 15 mm; Season: Winter into Spring.

3. Neophylax mitchelli

4. Neophylax aniqua.

5. Neophylax fuscus

6. Neophylax concinnus

7. Neophylax sp. (toshioi?)  Species identification uncertain.

8. Neophylax sp. (concinnus? toshioi?)

Leptoceridae (Long-horned case-makers)

1. Nectopsyche exquisita.  Size: up to 13 mm.  Season: Summer.

2. Oecetis.  Size: varies with species: Season: Summer.

Microscope photo only.

3. Ceraclea maculata.  Size: 5-6 mm: Season: Spring and Summer.

Odontoceridae (Strong case-makers)

1. Psilotreta frontalis.  Size: up to 14 mm.  Fall.

2. Psilotreta labida.  Size: up to 13 mm.  Season: Fall.

3. Psilotreta rufa  (photo provided by a friend)

Molannidae (Hooded-case makers)

1. Molanna blenda (photo provided by a friend)

This completes this series of entries on the photos of the EPT species that I have found, to date, in the streams I explore in Central Virginia.  As new species are found, I will add photos to the appropriate entry and let readers know of the changes I've made.

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  1. Nice to see Adicrophleps hitchcocki. I have only collected them from mossy rocks in springs in Pennsylvania.