Friday, January 4, 2013

Just the usual "outstanding" "high quality" "beautiful" insects at the Rapidan River: Photos

I've just finished editing 359 photos from my trip to the Rapidan River today.  So, I'll post some of those photos today and go into detail on some of these findings in a separate entry -- posted tomorrow, I hope.  The insects I did not photograph on this trip -- Giant stoneflies (P. biloba); large winter stoneflies (T. burksi/maura); prong-gilled mayflies; Roach-like stoneflies; brushlegged mayflies; and tons of black fly larvae.

1. In the photo above, a "humpless case-maker," Brachycentrus appalachia and a small case-maker, Apatania incerta.  Below, more photos of each.  I took photos of two A. incerta larvae: I'll distinguish between them.

A. incerta 1:

A. incerta 2:

2. Uenoidae: genus Neophylax.  More on these larvae tomorrow.  This is a species I have not seen in other streams.  It may be N. atlanta -- which is relatively rare.

Uenoid 2:

3. Spiny crawler mayfly: Ephemerella subvaria

4. Spiny crawler mayfly: Ephemerella invaria


5. Lepidostomatid caddisfly larva: genus Lepidostoma

6. And, Perlodid stonefly: Isoperla namata

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