Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More on the tubercles on the Uenoids N. aniqua and N. mitchelli

I took some microscope photos this morning that might clarify the points I've been trying to make about the tubercles (median frontoclypeal -- middle of face) on the Uenoids that I've been finding, those I think are Neophylax aniqua and Neophylax mitchelli.

Remember Beaty's descriptions --

N. aniqua -- "prominent tubercle on head, often semi-blunt."  That's the larva in question at the top of the page: here's a close-up of the tubercle on the head of that larva.

N. mitchelli -- "long pointed tubercle on head, usually directed somewhat posteriorly."  Here's another shot of that larva,

and here's a close-up of the tubercle on its head.

They're very distinct.  And there's another difference I've noted in the larvae that I've found so far:
the head, pronotum, and mesonotum of what I think is N. aniqua is uniformly dark brown; those of N. mitchelli are much lighter in color.

N. aniqua, 1

N. aniqua, 2

N. mitchelli, 1

N. mitchelli, 2

If I need to correct this, I'll let you know.  But those tubercle photos might prove to be useful.

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