Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Did I mention the bear?! Just a few more things from Montana

Is that a cutie or what?  Fortunately, we were anchored in the middle of the river (Big Blackfoot), and the bear wasn't bothered at all.  Just kept eating those chokecherries.  So, I just kept snapping away.


I found two other caddisfly larvae that I thought I would mention, both are larvae that I've found before.

1. The common netspinner, Arctopsyche grandis.

For the genus ID, we look at the ventral apotome (underside of the head), which narrows from top to bottom.

And the key to the species ID is the yellow stripe that runs from the front of the head to the nota.

For a full discussion of the ID, see the entry posted on 8/27/12.

2. The free-living caddisfly larva, Rhyacophila brunnea-vemna group.

This ID is discussed in the entry posted on 9/1/13.  As I did last time, I found this little larva in the small mountain stream near the motel where we stay -- Grant Creek.  And what is striking here are the gills on the abdominal segments, something we don't see on the larva we find in Virginia.  On segments 2-7, we find two pairs of multi-branched gills.


Back to our streams this weekend. The weather is finally cooling down.

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