Saturday, August 6, 2016

One more week -- then it's off to Montana

I haven't posted so far this summer for two reason.  First, we've had numerous storms -- some of them downpours -- and the Rivanna River, my stream of choice in the summers, has been high and muddy.  But second, I had to have surgery at the start of July and the recovery has been slow -- but steady.  But one week from today I'm off to Montana for the annual fly fishing trip with the guys, and I'm looking forward to seeing the many mayfly, stonefly, and caddisfly species that we don't have here in the east.  For example,

the beautiful free-living caddisfly larva, Rhyacophila brunnea-vemna.

And there's the Perlodid stonefly, genus Yogutus.

The common stonefly -- and they're still immature at this time of year -- Calineuria californica.

And I have no doubt that I'll see many spiny crawlers, Drunella coloradensis.

So I'll be back in business in two weeks with a lot of new photos, and with luck, a new species or two for us to ID.

Photo at the top of the page -- the rugged Blackfoot River -- northeast of Missoula.  The same in the photo below, this in the challenging "box canyon."

And we always spend 1-2 days on the Clark Fork River as well.

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