Saturday, November 19, 2016

A few photos from the North Fork of the Moormans

The Moormans River begins at the base of the dam on the Sugar Hollow Reservoir.  Flowing into the lake are the North and South Forks.  The North Fork is a boulder-strewn, cold water stream that's popular with fly fishermen, and in it we find high quality insects.  Took these photos this morning.

1. Common stonefly, Acroneuria carolinensis (pictured above)

2. Common stonefly, Acroneuria abnormis

3.  The "strong casemaker" (Odontoceridae), Psilotreta labida

4. And the giant stonefly, Pteronarcys biloba, tolerance value -- 0.0

Oh, and clinging to our giant stonefly, the large winter stonefly, Taeniopteryx burksi

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