Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some beautiful insects at the Rapidan River this morning

Common stonefly, Agnetina capitata.  The light was just right for some good photos this morning, and I had some very good subjects.  I have yet to find this one anywhere else.  Described by Beaty ("The Plecoptera of North Carolina," vers. 4, p. 40):

Lateral arms of M-pattern on head directed laterally; dark area between lateral ocelli sometimes lighter to median ocellus; dorsum of abdomen banded, posterior margins dark and with a triangluar mesal area anteriorly projecting forming an apparent mid-dorsal longitudinal stripe; apex of tergum 10 light with dark pigmentation faintly continuous mesally, sometimes with a small median projection directed distally.

All good.

Just a very handsome stonefly.

And a nice side view as well.


And the other beauty I found -- actually, I found three of them -- was that very colorful spiny crawler, Ephemerella subvaria.

(Enlarge and note the detail on the head.  Ornately patterned.)


The leafpacks were full of two things today: pronggilled mayflies and small winter stones.  Took a couple of shots of the latter.  Allocapnia for sure for the genus: species -- probably pygmaea.


After a long, long dry spell it finally rained.  The collecting should start to improve.

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