Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stream Report: Buck Mt. Creek

This report is to show off some beautiful "live" photos more than anything else.  The stonefly above is a Perlodid (genus Clioperla), and it's fairly large -- a little over 1/2" long.  There were lots of Strophopteryx large winter stoneflies:

And still quite a few Taeniopteryx large winter stoneflies -- which are now quite mature and fully colored:

but I only saw two small winter stones.  Does that mean, for this stream, the small winter hatch is pretty well over?  In any event the stream by now is loaded with Uenoid case making caddis: some rocks had 20-30 cases attached, and you could see them on the tops of the rocks looking down through the water.  This one is in my petri dish and got flipped on its back:

I saw only one mayfly -- a very, very small flatheaded (Heptageniidae).  I think it's genus Stenonema -- but I'm not totally sure: the gills are not fully developed.  (Please post a comment if you know.)

This is a microscope photo, magnified to 45X.

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