Friday, September 28, 2012

EPT Species List for Central Virginia: Photos of Flatheaded Mayflies

(Pictured above: the flatheaded mayfly Epeorus deceptivus found in Montana.  This species does not occur in our streams.)

Heptageniidae (Flatheaded mayflies)

1. Cinygmula subaequalis.  Size: ?; Season: Spring.

2. Epeorus pleuralis.  Size: > 9.8 mm: Season: Winter into Spring.

3. Epeorus vitreus.  Size: 6-8 mm; Season: summer.

4. Epeorus fragilis.  Size: < 6.7 mm; Season: Spring and Summer.

5. Heptagenia marginalis.  Size ?; Season: Summer.

6. Leucrocuta hebe. Size: ?; Season; Spring, Summer, Early Fall.

7. Leucrocuta sp. (aphrodite?)

8. Leucrocuta sp.

9. Leucrocuta sp. (thetis?)

10. Leucrocuta sp. (juno?)

11. Maccaffertium ithaca.  Size: 9-14 mm; Season: Summer

12. Maccaffertium merririvulanum.  Size: 10-16 mm; Season: Winter into Spring

13. Maccaffertium pudicum.  Size: 11-14 mm; Season: Fall and Winter.

14. Maccafertium vicarium.  Size: 10-18 mm; Season: Winter into Spring.

15. Maccaffertium modestum.  Size: 8-11 mm.  Season: Summer, early Fall.

16. Rhithrogena sp. (exilis?).  Size: 5-7 mm; Season: Spring.

17. Rhithrogena sp.

18. Rhithrogena sp. (manifesta?)

18. Stenacron carolina.  Size: 10-13 mm; Season: Spring into Summer.

19. Stenacron interpunctatum.  Size: 8-11 mm; Season: Spring into Summer.

20. Stenacron pallidum.  Size: 6-8 mm; Season: Spring into Summer.

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