Saturday, September 29, 2012

EPT Species List for Central Virginia: Photos of Spiny Crawler Mayflies

(In this photo -- the spiny crawler mayfly Timpanoga hecuba.  This is a species -- and genus -- that does not occur in our part of the country.  In late summer, these nymphs are plentiful in many Montana rivers.)
Note: In yesterday's entry, the wrong photo was posted as Cinygmula subaequalis.  I have corrected the error.  Please have another look at that entry.)

Ephemerellidae (Spiny Crawler Mayflies)

1. Drunella cornutella. Size: 6.4-8.5 mm; Season: Sping into Summer

2. Drunella tuberculata.  Size: 7-9 mm; Season: Spring.

3. Drunella walkeri.  Size: 8-10 mm; Season: Spring.

4. Ephemerella dorothea.  Size: 6-8 mm; Season: Spring. (colors and patterns vary)

5. Ephemerella invaria.  Size: 6-13 mm. Season: Winter into Spring. (colors and patterns vary)

6. Ephemerella subvaria.  Size: 8.5-9.5 mm; Season: Fall and Winter.

7. Eurylophella verisimilis.  Size: 5.9-7.7 mm; Season: Spring.

8. Eurylophella sp. (funeralis?)

8. Serratella serrata/Serratella carolina. Size: 4-6 mm; Season: Summer.

9. Serratella serratoides.  Size: 6-7 mm; Season: Summer.

10. Telagnopis deficiens (formerly Serratella deficiens).  Size: 5-6 mm; Season: Summer

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